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You Don't Have to Lose Your Website

We’re aware that many of you have been told by your website company that your existing website is old and needs to be replaced. You have been given a deadline to choose a new templated design, or one will be chosen for you.

While we would love to build a brand new, fully custom website for you, we understand that many dentists love their current website and don’t want a change. Some dentists, especially those not in highly competitive areas, may not even need a new website. We can help.

While we can’t make exact copies of template websites that are owned by your website company, we can create a similar design that matches the same feel, style, and overall look of the website you love at a price point much lower than creating a fully custom site.

Interested? We're Ready To Help!

We're Ready To Help!

Our success is directly tied to the success of your practice.
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If You Have a Fully Custom Site

What This Is:

You own the website design and most of the content, with the exception of any content under copywrite from your website company (this usually includes dental topics, kids pages, and other stock content.

What We Can Do:

  • Transfer the website to our servers as-is.
  • Your website design stays exactly the same with no design changes.
  • We replace any of their content with ours.
  • Unlimited text & photo changes.*

How Much it Costs:

$999 One-time Transfer Fee

*Design charges are $125/hour for transferred custom sites.

If You Have a Templated Site

What This Is:

A customizable template from your old website company. You don’t own this design and it can’t be taken with you. You only own any written content or photos that you brought with you.

What We Can Do:

  • Rebuild the website on WordPress, the most popular website platform.
  • We keep the style, look, and feel without violating copyright.
  • We replace any of their content with ours.
  • Unlimited edits, including new pages, text, photos, and additional sections.

How Much it Costs:

$999 One-Time Rebuilding Fee

Other Services

Have other internet marketing services that need attention? Magnify is a full-service digital marketing agency focusing on the needs of pediatric dentists. From startup branding and logo design to website re-builds, SEO, and social media management, Magnify has you covered. Contact Us to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Your current site will stay live until we have the site transferred or rebuilt. When we are ready to make the “new” site live, we will simply change your domain records. 

You can keep your domain, also called your website address, url, or the .com. You own this and we can help you transfer it away from your current website company.

You can keep all your email addresses as well. If you have an address, for example. You can keep that same address. You can work with your current IT company to set up mail accounts outside your website company, or we’ll help you set up Google Workspace accounts. They’re only $6 per email address per month paid directly to Google. Plus, they can be made secure and HIPAA compliant!

Many offices have been grandfathered into pricing that hasn’t been offered for many years. Prices for website management and hosting have increased for all national companies during this time. Additionally, as a small business with less than 150 dental clients, we can’t get the same pricing that large, corporate companies can get for website hosting and other tools. Finally, our website management includes unlimited edits from our team – all handled in 24-48 hours (or much less!) We are committed to outstanding customer service.

We make it easy. And we handle all the heavy lifting. We will let you know what to tell your current company to have them release your domain. For custom websites we will provide you with instructions they need to send us your site files. For Quick Custom websites we will rebuild the website independent of them. 

As soon as your current website company releases your domain, we can begin work. Typical turnaround time is 2-3 weeks for a website rebuild or transfer, although the holidays may extend this.

Who We Are

Scott Childress and April Cunningham founded Magnify after almost 15 years working in the pediatric dental community. They have helped over 1,000 dentists with their web presence – from websites and SEO to social media and internet marketing.

Magnify wasn’t started by corporate tycoons and we aren’t owned by a global finance company. We believe that family comes first and that businesses should operate on a personal level. A successful small business is built on developing close relationships. 

Even though we’re an online marketing company, we still believe that the best sales tool is reputation and word-of-mouth recommendation.